Cashless at Let It Roll Winter 2018

Cashless at Let It Roll Winter 2018

You'll see a few new releases at Let It Roll Winter 2018. One of them is the cashless system that will increase visitors comfort and allow faster payment transactions with cashless wristbands. Read more in the article.


Following the positive experience at Let It Roll last summer, we are introducing a cashless payment system for Let It Roll Winter 2018 as well. Compared to last year, however, a few changes are waiting for you.

   CAUTION! For refund, you will need the numbers of all the wristbands you wish to refund. So do not throw the wristbands away!


✓    It will not be possible to preload a cashless account online before the event. You can get your cashless wristbands (and then recharge it) right after arriving in the first hall. Go to the cloakroom and you will see a few top-up stands right behind it. You can pick up your wristband there. The wristband is free, you pay only the amount of credits (Bolts).

➢   TIP: We recommend buying pre-charged wristbands to speed up the buying process.

✓    The cashless wristband serves only as means of payment, not as a ticket. The colour of the wristband only distinguishes the pre-charged amount.

✓    The minimum balance has been reduced to 2 BLTs for refund purposes. The refund fee of 1 BLT remains.

✓    The Cashless Website for account registration and refund has a new address: 

✓    You can not pair more wristbands under one cashless account. Each wristband must be registered under a separate cashless account on the above-mentioned website.

Venue opening and cashless wristbands launch:

The area will be open for visitors from 19:00, when the sale of cashless wristbands will also start. Visitors do not get their cashless wristbands right at the entrance, but they have to pick them up in the lobby at the Top-Up stands. The Top-Up stands will be placed next to the cloakroom and will be properly marked.

Since the stages open at 20:00, we strongly recommend early arrival to prevent queues, so you won't miss any of the program. Purchase of pre-loaded wristbands will also help speed up the buying process.

Accepted currency:

Payments are accepted only through cashless wristbands throughout the whole event. 
The cashless currency is Bolt. The exchange rate against Euros remains unchanged, ie 1 BLT = 2 EUR.


  • Tickets > can be paid for in cash (CZK and EUR) and by credit/debit card
  • Cloakroom > can be paid for in cash as well as cashless (CZK and EUR)
  • Cigarettes > can only be paid in cash (CZK and EUR)
  • Merchandise > can be paid for in cash as well as cashless (CZK and EUR)
  • Recharging cashless wristbands in Top-Up stand > can be paid in cash (CZK and EUR) and by credit/debit card


An ATM will be available, so it will be possible to withdraw cash on the spot.

Wristband recharging options & preloaded wristband values:

At Let It Roll Winter it is not possible to charge wristband online in advance and it is not possible to use the bracelet from the last summer festival. A sufficient number of Top-Up stands will be available to purchase preloaded wristbands at these values:

  • 5 BLTs = 10 EUR
  • 10 BLTs = 20 EUR
  • 20 BLTs = 40 EUR
  • 0 BLT = you also have the option to charge a wristband with any number of an whole BLTs. The minimum charge value is 2 BLTs.

If there are queues at the Top-Up stands. Hostesses will be available to buy preloaded wristbands worth 10 BLTs from. Hostesses only accept card payments.

Every purchased wristband can be recharged once the pre-charged amount is spent. Recharging is only possible in whole Bolts (ie 7 BLTs, not 7.2 BLTs). For fast orientation, a printed currency converter will be available at each Top-Up stand.

TIP: If you register your cashless account after receiving your wristband and add your wristband number to it, you can recharge your account online and avoid any potential queues.

Registration of the cashless account:

You can set up a cashless account on site during the evening at To register your cashless account, you will need an email address and some basic contact information. Once you have picked up your cashless wristband, add your wristband number to your cashless account - you will find the number on the other side of the chip (under the tape).

➢   CAUTION! You can not use login data from last year, you need to register a new account.

We strongly recommend that you set up your account immediately after you arrive at the site and do not wait until the refund process. Thanks to this you will not only have the opportunity to recharge your funds online but also the possibility of blocking the wristband in the event of its loss or theft and also be able to transfer funds to a new wristband. Without a cashless online account, you lose this opportunity.

Refund of financial balances:

To refund remaining funds from cashless wristbands, you must apply using the refund form at Refunds on site are not possible. The remaining funds will be refunded only by transfer to a bank account.

The refund form will be launched on Sunday 18 February 2018 at 17:00 and closed on 18 March 2018 at 12:00. All unspent Bolts will be returned to you after the event within 30 days of completing the refund form.

Refunds are only possible for cashless accounts with a minimum balance of 2 BLTs. A refund fee 1 BLT is charged. In case of incorrect information being entered as part of the refund request and the need to reissue the payment, one-time fee of 2 Bolts will be charged. Please be careful about the correctness of the entered data.

   CAUTION! For refund, you will need the numbers of all the wristbands you wish to refund. So do not throw the wristbands away!

➢   CAUTION! If you have several different wristbands after the event, you will need to set up a separate cashless account for each wristband (ie you will need several e-mail addresses to register your cashless accounts). Therefore, we recommend that you buy the pre-charged bracelet only once and then recharge it.


a)      How do I set up my online cashless account and what is it good for?

At, simply sign up through Facebook or fill out your information. The Intellipay system will then send you an email to confirm your registration, just click on the activation button and complete the registration on the web. Setting up an account is free.

Your account allows you to recharge your cashless account (wristband) online without having to stand in a queue, view history, check your spend, download online receipts, link accounts to social networks, deactivate the wristband in case of loss and apply for refund.

b)      How do I link my wristband to my account?

At, you login to your non-cash account and simply link your wristband to the account by entering the security code from the inside of the wristband (Section Wristband > "I have a wristband").

c)       How many wristbands can I add to my account?

You can only add 1 wristband to a cashless account.

d)      What is the minimum / maximum charge amount?

Min. 2 BLTs (ie 4 EUR) / max 250 BLTs (ie 500 EUR)

Note: In both cases, only whole Bolts can be charged, ie 2 BLTs, not 2.5 BLTs and so on.

e)      How do I find I have a low Bolt status on my wristband?

When applying a wristband to a payment reader, the status of your account will be displayed at the start of each transaction.

➢   TIP: The easiest way to add a credit to your account is to enable Auto Recharge (section "Cashless settings" on the main page) when you first charge. By activating this feature, your credit will automatically be increased to 10 Bolts (ie 20 EUR) when account finance drops below 3 Bolts. Your unused credit will be refunded after the end of the festival once the refund form has been completed.

f)       What happens if I lose my wristband?

If you've registered your cashless account and added a wristband number during the evening, you will not lose your funds. Simply visit the Customer Care stand there they will help you with blocking of the wristband and transfer the money to a new wristband. You can also block the wristband yourself in your cashless account: "Bracelet" section> click the "Freeze" icon.

If you did not attach your wristband to your cashless account, you lose this opportunity just as if you were to lose your wallet.

g)      What happens to the money left in my wristband?

All unspent Bolts will be returned to you after the event within 30 days of completing the refund form. You can apply for the refund up to 18 March 2018 from your cashless account (Refund section). Refunds are only possible for cashless accounts with a minimum balance of 2 BLTs. A refund fee 1 BLT will be charged.


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