It's been 10 years since we first set up the Let It Roll. Perhaps very few people would think that over the course of a decade, it would be possible to build from a fairly small festival an event of such a size as Let It Roll is today. Let's recapitulate this year's edition.

Now, after ten years, Let It Roll attracts visitors with a line up of 9 stages and several hundred interprets, including the world's biggest names, and with more than ten times the number of visitors compared to the first year. And those who experienced the first year pressed down nostalgic tears this year during the shows of Vicious Circle, Phace or Futurebound, who too were there the first year. We are incredibly grateful that you have been faithful to us for so long, or even more so that the Let It Roll fans are constantly growing! Let's summarize how this year's 10th anniversary came about.

This year's Let It Roll organization was a bit wild for us because the day before the arrival of the Let It Roll crew to Milovice, we managed to hold the 2nd annual drum & bass conferece called Beats Evolution Conference held at the Prague Meet Factory. The conference brought the drum & bass world to many (starting) DJs and producers through workshops, demo listenings, and discussion boards with key characters of the world's D & B scene. It was not simple, but we did it perfectly, and it in no way disturbed the organization of the festival itself, and everything went as planned (uf!).

As always for us, the main priority was the satisfaction of the visitors, both with the course of the festival and its line up, the areal and new stages, but also with this year's major novelty - a cashless payment system with chip bracelets. We are pleased to note that this novelty has gone without major problems and we hope that it was positively perceived by the visitors themselves as the positive reactions outweigh negative comments. We would like to apologize for the issues with our toilet cleaning company. They did not do what they were bound to do by the written contract but from Friday afternoon everything was back in the proper business. We will heavily focus on that for the next year. As far as visitors are concerned, the festival has grown again, both in the number of foreign and Czech visitors.

After last year's experience, we have repeated the longer Opening Show with music created by the British duo Calyx & Teebee and full-fledged visual and pyrotechnic effects. This stunning spectacle unveiled to the visitors the next part of the festival story, this year focused on immortality. Great thanks and respect for all who have been involved in its preparation.



A separate chapter was the main stage, which became, in the course of years, an icon of the festival and was the largest stage ever built (on Let It Roll) this year. The biggest stars of the festival performed there, and so this stage was filled with the greatest crowd. By far the most interesting draw of this year was the performance of London Electricity Big Band, a choir of musicians led by Tony Colman a.k.a. London Elektricity, which delivers drum and bass with a whole new dimension, and where songs previously known only from DJ mixes are transformed into a unique live feature show. However, the return of Bad Company UK, a legendary British project that set the direction for the development of the genre for years to come, was also a big hit. Legends such as Andy C, High Contrast, Camo & Krooked, Calyx & Teebee, Sub Focus, or Netsky stood right behind them.


More news and innovations we introduced at this year's festival:  

  • Hangar nonstop stage
    • The only stage that was completely hidden from the unmanned sun rays in one of the military hangars, where a diverse crowd of over 100 Czech and Slovak producers and DJs (drum and bass, techno, house ...) was rotating during the three days and three nights.
  • Shredder - new Open air stage
    • The hard Shredder stage with a new industrial design, a hectic atmosphere and BPM from 180+ moved this time under the open sky to increase its capacity.
  • Over 100 more DJs and producers
    • This year we have surpassed all previous years with the number of engaged DJs and producers - over 330 names played there!
  • A series of EPs from the festival
    • We have also established a collaboration with DnB labels for this year and have prepared for you a series of EPs from Titan Records / Eatbrain / Mayan Audio / Hospital Records / Ram Records / Kinetik.
  • BEC Conference tent
    • Beats Evolution Conference (BEC), the world's first drum & bass conference, had its tent at Let It Roll festival and you were able to take part in various discussions and Masterclasses.
  • Fresh additions to festival activities:
    • Throughout the festival, you also have the opportunity to enjoy some of the accompanying activities, including Drum & Bass Workout, morning yoga, hippie jump contest or DnB step contest, SK8 & BMX Jam spot, Bumper football, bike rental, design workshop to build your own fashion brand, skimboards and table football.
  • Upgraded LET IT ROLL bus
    • Our noisy airport traffic has gotten a facelift and has been more in line with the robotic Let It Roll theme. 


    • We introduced complete recycling of waste and again used the washable cups for drinks. Every visitor was given a personal waste bag at the entrance. In cooperation with Augias's Shed, we have also prepared a workshop on efficient recycling of festival waste. Those who did not want to take off their camping equipment were given the opportunity to hand it over to the Information Booth to bring joy to the charitable and youth clubs whom we donated it to. 

THANK YOU to all of you that you were again part of Let It Roll! We also thank all new visitors for arriving and enjoying it all. Thank you for the atmosphere, the energy, the smooth progress, the favor and the loyalty to the festival. If you have anything that you would like to share with us, send us an e-mail at info@letitroll.cz. We look forward to you for the next Let It Roll Open Air 2018! And you know what? Pre-sale starts right now!


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