Let It Roll Winter 2018: Sum up & a big thank you

Let It Roll Winter 2018: Sum up & a big thank you

We are very happy and all of you are the reason. Let It Roll Winter 2018 was by far the strongest year. The whole evening was in a friendly and a relaxed atmosphere. The big thank you and respect belong to you! Let's sum up this year's edition.

Let It Roll Winter 2018: Sum up & a big thank you!

Let It Roll Winter 2018 has just ended and all we can do is shed a tear of happiness and thank all of you who participated in the wonderful atmosphere that took place at EXPO on Saturday. Yes, maybe it’s a bit emotive but there is no other way to describe it. We are very happy and all of you are the reason.

You think we are overstating it a bit? Don’t fool yourselves, numbers don't lie! Let It Roll Winter 2018 was by far the strongest year, in terms of attendance - in no other year could we witness so many happy faces enjoying their favourite music.

It wasn’t just the attendance - until now, the festival story of Let It Roll has played more of a secondary role, but this year, for the first time, we managed to literally pull the story of Let It Roll and integrate it. The icing on the cake was the new Midnight Show, which was a great success and we strongly believe you won't forget it anytime soon.. And because practice makes perfect you can look forward to the upcoming years! We would like to thank Abis & Signal for their work and the great sound.

Some of you maybe noticed that we switched the timetables in our guide and on banners around the venue by mistake. This error only proves that we haven't turned into robots yet and we are still humans which make mistakes from time to time. It was also a little bit adventurous for you, wasn't it? ;)

(click to enlarge, photo by Bushman Media)

Winter Let It Roll 2018 hosted 22 international headliners and we would like to thank all of them for their performance. You certainly didn't miss the experimental set of Noisia by Thijs, which revealed the current sound and perception of the "broken beats" of this Dutch trio. After a long time, TC has come to Let It Roll Winter and served us his positive mood-packed set.

Unfortunately, there are not only happy moments in the drum & bass scene. We were very sad to hear about MC Stormin passing, one of the SASASAS founders. We would like to express our deepest condolences to his family and friends. Our thoughts go out his loved ones.

Last but not least we want to look back at the cashless system which we introduced at the last year's Let It Roll and it has again proven it's worth. You could see that for yourself mostly at the bars as the queue times were shorter and movement significantly more fluid. To refund remaining bolts from cashless wristbands, you must apply using the refund form at letitrollwinter.pay.intellifest.comThe refund form will be closed on 18 March 2018 at 12:00. All unspent Bolts will be returned within 30 days of completing the refund form.

The whole evening was in a friendly and a relaxed atmosphere. For the first time, Let It Roll Winter 2018 was streamed worldwide through the UKF Drum and Bass channel, thanks to which over 100,000 dnb fans from around the world enjoyed the evening with us as well. The big thank you and respect belong to you!

(click to enlarge, photo by Bushman Media)

Even though Let It Roll Winter is over, the story hasn't come to an end by far. Actually, quite the opposite - you can expect a lot more and look forward to the things that are coming. As you can already anticipate, the story will re-continue at Let It Roll 2018, taking place 2. - 4. 8.2018. If after your arrival you get a different impression of things, it's fully justified - as we are preparing a whole new layout of the festival area so nobody gets lost looking for their favourite stage.

Preparations for the summer edition are already at full throttle and those of you who are excited the most can already buy tickets at the best price. We are very excited - how about you? 

If you want to leave your comments or share your memories, feel free to contact us at info@letitroll.eu.




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