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For many of us, Let It Roll is the ultimate cocktail of the best pleasures imaginable – enjoying music, sharing experiences, and being together. However, sometimes it takes much less to make someone happy – maybe even less than we think. And because we want music not only to entertain but also to help, we are introducing the Rollin’ Charity project!

Last year, we brought joy to a bunch of dog orphans by supporting the HOPE PRAHA project. Thanks to your continuing interest in the best rave party on this planet, Santa brought our furry friends a truckload of food, treats, toys, collars and other much-needed accessories. And since sharing is caring – and because making others happy is perhaps the greatest joy of all – we decided to follow up on this effort and greatly expanded the scope of our charity projects for this year. In January, we paid a visit to Paprsek children’s centre in Prague and donated musical instruments to support local music therapy sessions. But that is only the beginning!


In December, the Let It Roll crew decided to give Christmas presents not only to its faithful festival fans by announcing the 2nd phase of the line-up, but also to others. And since we work in a dog-friendly environment and all of us are dog lovers, we chose to help abandoned dogs in animal shelters.

Our team purchased lots of food, treats, toys, collars, blankets and dog beds, and then, gift-packing it all up, we went to deliver everything to a dog shelter in Prague’s Strašnice called the HOPE PRAHA project. Greeted by a gang of friendly tail-waggers, we spent almost an hour petting them and playing with them, also treating them to some delicious dog snacks. When leaving, we were a little sad that we weren’t taking any of them with us, but also glad and excited that we could make their life happier.


As you already know, last year we gave Christmas presents to dogs in the HOPE PRAHA animal shelter. In January, the Let It Roll crew moved on to Paprsek children’s centre. Located in Prague’s Hloubětín, Paprsek is a daycare centre for children and adolescents with disabilities (both mental and combined). We were quick to decide that it would be best to help the children enjoy something we love too – music! After all, it is a well-known truth that music can heal.

We, therefore, purchased various instruments such as djembe drums, thunder drums or Tibetan singing bowls, and on Tuesday, 22nd January, we brought these gifts to the Paprsek centre. The children were very excited about their new instruments and each kid found their favourite right away. At the end of our visit, the kids sang a song for us, making our day happier just as well.


This year, as the winter is coming, the Let It Roll crew decided to help out homeless people. We’ve become involved in the Salvation’s Army project called “Nocleženka”. Every “Nocleženka” you buy gets a single homeless person a warm bed, a proper meal, an opportunity to do personal hygiene, get medical treatment (if necessary) and qualified help from a social worker for a day. So if you’re thinking about supporting homeless people during these cold days, this is one of the ways to do it.


For the past few months, we’ve been collecting your tips and suggestions on who should the Let It Roll crew help out next. Thanks to the successful Let It Roll On Tour in Ostrava, Rollin’ Charity is back on its case and this time we’ve decided to donate to the “Srdcem pro kočky” cat shelter. This shelter has been operating since 2006 when they’ve started to take care of stray, battered or abandoned cats in need and provides them with both basic and advanced veterinary care. Moreover, the cats in a shelter in Vrbičany do not live in cages, they are actually allowed to move freely around rooms that are tailored to their needs. Thanks to this, healthy and cured cats are sufficiently socialized, and after vaccination and castration, they are ready to leave the shelter and live in a normal household. Thanks to the monetary donation we gave them, the Srdcem pro kočky cat shelter can afford other several necessary surgeries for cats and kittens, which are more expensive than the regular ones.


We spread joy, with Rollin Charity. We already visited the cute dogs in Projekt HOPE PRAHA, young and youth in DC Paprsek and now, the Let It Roll crew is moving elsewhere. After the successful winter edition of our festival, we have decided to help the Psi pro život project next. That specializes on canistherapy and hippotherapy which are methods that focus on the contact of a person with dogs and horses which has a positive impact on the psychomotor development of both healthy individuals and the ones with special needs. Thanks to you, we were able to donate money to them which they will use according to their needs.


Donio – Let’s help Filípek hear the world

  • Shortly after the Let It Roll festival: Save The Rave, an auction of two denim jackets signed by the featured artists took place. All the money from the auctioned jackets was sent as a contribution to the project Let’s help Filípek hear the world.

Salvation Army – Bed and Breakfast for people without home

Presents for children from the Children’s Home