The Odyssey of LetItRoll Festival

Welcome to the journey through time that is the history of Let It Roll Festival— the world's largest drum & bass gathering. Our saga began modestly in 2002, in a former Prague club called Mlejn, at a time when the drum & bass scene in the Czech Republic was in its infancy. What started as a club event for 500 people gradually blossomed over the years, moving to bigger venues like the legendary club Abaton and Harfa hall.

The true open-air debut happened in 2008 in Staré Žďánice near Pardubice, drawing nearly 3,000 attendees; a number that swelled to 4,000 the following year. Over the years, Let It Roll has become the sanctuary for Czech drum & bass aficionados, offering thousands of attendees an annual dose of the finest Drum & Bass and Jungle.

In 2013, the festival moved to Benešov near Prague, showcasing for the first time its iconic, futuristic stage design and the concept of an "Opening Show" that has since become an annual tradition. Let It Roll has morphed from a local phenomenon to the world’s largest drum & bass festival, drawing tens of thousands of ravers from across the globe each year.

Since 2015, the festival has made its home at the former military airfield in Milovice, just outside of Prague. Each year, hundreds of Czech and international DJs, including the biggest names in the current drum & bass scene, perform. The stages get louder and more visually stunning, the opening shows more spectacular, and the festival narrative continues to evolve. And as we journey with our robotic companions across the cosmos, one thing remains constant—our love for drum & bass. Every year, we gather at Let It Roll to properly celebrate this passion, leaving the mundane behind to journey into the cosmic depths. Together. To the stars.

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Let It Roll 2023

In 2023, Let It Roll unveiled five innovative stages, introducing the majestic Citadel, Terra and fresh Botanica, while Eve's Sanctum, and the Renegade received notable upgrades. A heartfelt Thank You to all attendees - your passion and energy for Drum & Bass transformed this festival into an unforgettable tapestry of experiences. This year celebrates the vibrancy and unity that made Let It Roll 2023 a landmark event in festival history.

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Let It Roll Returns with Winter Edition

After a long wait, Let It Roll returned with its winter edition at the PVA Expo in Prague's Letňany. The sold-out festival offered an atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a knife and an unforgettable line-up led by Dimension, Wilkinson, Culture Shock, Metrik, and many more. A new stage was also introduced: Terra, symbolizing a terraforming station on a long-deserted planet. With the help of Immortalz, we were able to restart it using energy and bring the planet back to life.

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Let It Roll Returns in Full Force to Celebrate 20 Years

After the pandemic, Let It Roll returned stronger than ever, celebrating 20 years of its existence with an unforgettable lineup and an unbeatable atmosphere, exactly as Let It Roll should be. For the first time in history, the festival was completely sold out and featured an unforgettable live performance by the legendary group Pendulum.

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The Year of Perseverance

Even though we did everything we could, the traditional summer festival had to wait a bit longer. Still, after a two-year wait, we reunited at the Milovice airfield. For our most loyal fans, we organized a more intimate event called SAVE THE RAVE. Its sole purpose was to celebrate our collective love for music, meet with the drum & bass family, save the rave culture, and enjoy Noisia's final performance at a summer festival.

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A Year to Remember

The year 2020 has certainly made its mark in the history books, and it will be one we'll remember as well. We started the year strong but unfortunately could not follow through. Due to Covid-19, we were forced to postpone the summer edition of the festival to the next year (at that time, we had no idea what else was in store for us). However, we managed to organize The Renegade Festival, which allowed us to celebrate our love for drum & bass within the constraints of the prevailing safety measures. It has become our new regular thing.

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A New Home for the Winter Edition

At the beginning of 2020, we found a new home for the winter edition of the festival—Forum Karlín. We celebrated the two-day drum & bass extravaganza in this modern venue, witnessing an ancient ritual under the massive Temple stage. In addition, we sold out for the first time, and we've been looking forward to building on this success for the last two years. Unfortunately, things didn't work out again this year, but we believe 2023 is going to be our year!

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The Last summer festival before the pandemic - "To The Stars"

This edition of the summer edition Let It Roll carried the theme "TO THE STARS." In 2019, the festival grounds were adorned with five stages, each with unique stage designs—Portal, Shedder, Eve’s Garden, Temple, and Mothership. For the first time in history, the main stage featured 3D elements and a massive LED screen.

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A Winter Festival to Remember

In addition to the annual summer festival, Let It Roll also holds a winter edition every year. The 2019 winter festival was a first in many ways: it lasted for two days and was held in the Small Sports Hall at the Prague Exhibition Grounds. The unique stage design, shaped like a portal, teleported us to a galaxy full of top-tier drum & bass over a February weekend. For the first time in our festival narrative, we introduced a space traveler named Eva.

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Breaking Records and Standing Ground

In 2018, Let It Roll outdid itself once again in terms of stage size. Attendance reached an estimated 30,000 visitors, with the festival's mantra being "STAND YOUR GROUND." The monumental 20-minute Opening Show was a collaborative effort, featuring contributions from six producers—ABIS, Joe Ford, Mefjus, Muzzy, Rido, and The Prototypes. As a team, we also recognized the need for expansion and began to grow steadily in both scale and ambition.

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A Decade of Open Air and Countless Firsts

Celebrating its tenth anniversary of open-air festivities, Let It Roll unveiled a number of significant milestones in 2017. The year was commemorated with our very own festival documentary, "How We Made It," capturing the essence and evolution of a decade-long journey. As for attendance, the numbers skyrocketed past 27,000 visitors, hailing from more than half the world. The Mainstage was unparalleled in size within the Czech Republic, spanning the entire width of the airfield. Additionally, the festival introduced a cashless payment system for the first time, as well as the much-celebrated Hangar nonstop stage. Truly, a landmark year for Let It Roll.

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Bigger, Bolder, Beyond Belief

In 2016, the main stage of Let It Roll expanded to truly colossal dimensions. Designed to evoke a spaceship—more specifically, an ark—the stage set the stage for a robotic festival narrative that was out of this world. But that's not all! For the first time, the LIR bus was introduced, hosting nine bus parties throughout the event. And if that wasn't enough to knock your socks off, the festival's attendance surged past the 25,000 mark for the first time ever. A truly mind-blowing year by any measure.

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A Groundbreaking Move to Milovice—A Global Gathering

In 2015, Let It Roll found a new home in Milovice, where it continues to be held today. The festival featured its mammoth main stage and, for the first time, drew nearly half of its audience from more than 46 countries around the globe. Candidly, this year represented a pivotal shift for us. Answering the wishes of our fans, the festival expanded to a three-day event for the first time ever. Truly a landmark year that signaled the festival's growing international pull.

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The Year Robots Took Over the Stages and Beyond

In 2014, the festival underwent another monumental transformation. This year, robots didn't just dominate the main stage; they also pervaded the entire festival area, offering an unprecedented thematic experience. The main stage was, at the time, the largest ever built for Let It Roll, and it wasn't just a static construct—it moved! To top it off, headlining the lineup was none other than Netsky and his Live Band. It was a year that pushed boundaries and captured imaginations.

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A Year of Firsts that Left an Indelible Mark on Let It Roll

The year 2013 was a game-changer for Let It Roll, brimming with groundbreaking firsts. This was the year the festival relocated to Benešov, unveiling a monumental shift in both scale and ambition. For the first time, attendees were treated to a main stage designed in the form of a gigantic robot, along with the festival's inaugural Opening Show. Another milestone was achieved when Let It Roll saw its attendance figures soar past the magical 15,000 mark for the first time. To add to this list of firsts, Feed Me made his Czech Republic debut. What were your own memorable 'firsts' at the festival?

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The Final Chapter at Staré Žďánice and a Festival of Firsts

The year 2012 marked the last Let It Roll festival to be held at Staré Žďánice. The main stage for this edition was set in an apocalyptic theme, adorned with flaming barrels, wrecked cars, and the festival's inaugural pyro show. That year featured not one but three live shows—Camo & Krooked, Dirtyphonics, and The Qemists. It was the first and last time that dubstep graced the main stage, thanks to performances by Caspa and Flux Pavilion. Several artists made their festival debuts and continue to perform at Let It Roll to this day, including A.M.C, Enei, and Kasra Critical. But what we remember most fondly is the sunrise set by Calyx & TeeBee.

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A Year of Relocation and Remarkable Premieres

Do you recall the events of 2011? That year, the festival moved to a unique island area, surrounded by water and emanating an exceptional ambiance. The festival was held on the Oplatil sandpit peninsula in Staré Žďánice, featuring a lifeguard tower stage that might be familiar to those who've attended Beach Park in Mlékojedy. The first night was unforgettable with the Shogun Audio takeover—a night many of us reminisce about. Also making their premiere appearances were Netsky and Wilkinson, who performed at no cost beyond their flight expenses. Ah, those were the days.

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The Inception of Label Nights and the Unforgettable Main Stage

The year 2010 witnessed the premiere of Let It Roll's label nights, marking another significant milestone for the festival. The unforgettable main stage, shaped like an airplane and constructed over four weeks, was a tribute to the legendary & Hospitality platforms. It hosted performances by artists of the caliber of Sub Focus, High Contrast, Matrix & Futurebound, London Electricity, Marcus Intalex, Calibre, Sport, and Evol Intent. Truly, it was a take-off into a new era of the festival.

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The Second Open-Air Festival: A Line-Up to Remember

During the second open-air installment of the Let It Roll festival, electrifying things were happening! The line-up was nothing short of spectacular, featuring industry titans like Andy C, Chase & Status, Noisia, LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad, Ed Rush & Optical, Congo Natty, Commix, Spectrasoul, Calyx, and Temper D. The event poster from that year is a testament to how far we've come, highlighting the contrast between then and now.

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The Genesis of the Summer Let It Roll Festival

Do you remember the year 2008? How old were you? Who were you spending time with? How did you fill your leisure time? Sukimu, the festival's founder, was 30 years old at the time. Alongside his core team, he organized the inaugural summer Let It Roll festival. The event unfolded in Staré Žďánice near Pardubice, drawing a crowd of nearly 3,000 attendees. Who among you were there? The event is commemorated through photos that capture the essence and community spirit of that significant year.

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The Inaugural Weekender Journey

In 2007, Let It Roll embarked on its first 'weekender' event. The two-day extravaganza commenced on a Friday at the festival's beloved venue, Abaton, in Prague. The very next day, the same lineup traveled to Olomouc, marking Let It Roll's first venture outside of the capital. The envelope of expectations was not just pushed, but pleasantly filled. The spirit of the 'Immortalz' community was unparalleled, leaving an indelible mark captured vividly in photographs from the event.

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Historic Second Unofficial Open Air at Točník Castle

The second, yet unofficial, open-air festival took place at the scenic Točník Castle. The event drew a crowd of approximately 1,500 attendees, albeit modest in numbers, the energy was unprecedented. In fact, the event was so impactful that Točník Castle has not hosted another dance event since. Featuring in the lineup was Phantasy, making his debut performance in the Czech Republic, alongside Raggamuffin Whiteman—a memorable milestone for both the venue and the festival.

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A Pivotal Transition to Harfa

In 2005, the festival venue shifted to Harfa, marking a significant step forward for Let It Roll. The attendance soared to around 3,000 'Immortalz,' approximately triple what had been customary for previous events. Headlining the festival was Aphrodite, now a legendary figure in the genre. To this day, the event is fondly remembered and serves as a milestone in the evolution of the festival.

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A Milestone for Let It Roll

On March 5th, the fifth consecutive Let It Roll event unfolded, anchoring itself at the Abaton venue, which became the festival's home until 2008. The spotlight of the lineup was shone on Mickey Finn, also known as Natural Born Chillers - a distinguished British DJ, producer, and then-owner of the Shakedown and Dramatix record labels. Despite the stellar performance, the event incurred a financial loss, which is not surprising given the tickets were priced at a modest 150 CZK.

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A Glimpse into the Evolution

In 2003, a significant event marked the Let It Roll timeline: a free party at the Probošt lakes. With a budget of approximately 1000 EUR, a stark contrast to today's near 5 million EUR, this was a pivotal moment in the festival's growth. German artists, Base and DJ Derrick, featured prominently in the lineup. Attendees of that event undoubtedly hold rich anecdotes from the gathering. An interesting footnote: the day after Let It Roll, the same venue hosted 'Let It Bun', a second chance event for those unable to attend the primary festivity.

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Tracing its Origins to 2002

In 2002, amidst the nascent drum & bass wave in the Czech Republic, the first echoes of the Let It Roll festival were heard at the former Mlejn club in Prague. Initially a modest event catering to 500 patrons, its momentum grew steadily. After hosting several indoor events in the heart of Prague, Let It Roll embraced its true essence with the debut of an open-air format. This transformation charts the journey of a festival evolving from humble beginnings to a revered institution in the music community.