Sat 8 Jun 2024

MC COPPA - Presenting the voice of Let It Roll

Hailing from Leeds, UK but firmly based in the German part of Europe for years, Marvin "Coppa" Hay established his presence on the Drum & Bass scene already almost 20 years ago. From early performances to becoming a recording artist himself, his journey makes him one of the most accomplished MCs within the genre. 

We caught up with him for this special occasion and asked him a few questions. 

What inspired you to become an MC and vocalist, and who were your biggest influences?

Rap music and Dancehall are my first loves as far as the microphone goes (I'm 100% Jamaican heritage) so everything from Beenie Man to Nas and back again. From DnB, there's loads of guys who inspired me, GQ most definitely being at the forefront.

What was your first experience as an MC?

As a live MC, it was actually grabbing the mic from 'MCs' who were killing the vibe and holding onto it myself. That's how I learned to MC at gigs because I was always the guy who also didn't want the vibes interrupted. I based my whole MC-ing vibe & style on that premise. It helped me to understand better what the people wanted because I wanted the same as them (a good party and elevated vibes)... if that makes sense :)

How has the drum and bass community supported you throughout your career, and what role does this community play in your performances?

A huge sense of belonging and connection. It brought me all over the world and gave me the opportunity to connect with, learn from, and hopefully influence, entertain, and share moments and vibes with many people I wouldn't have had the opportunity to meet had I not found the music. Or maybe the music found me? Who knows :) This sense of community also drives me forward because I know that for any community to work well, people have to contribute something..

Is there a particular achievement or moment in your career that you're most proud of?

It's a toss-up between opening a concert in Malaysia for Missy Elliot and having my self-released first album 'An Act of Aggression' being Mixmag Germany's DnB LP of the month when it came out on my own label. This was definitely something I'm SUPER proud of. The memory recently inspired me to start my new label 'We Don't Play' to bring more self-curated projects to the DnB community again.

Are you nervous before a performance? How do you handle pre-show jitters?

Never! The stage is my home :) For me, it's more normal to be in front of thousands of people on a stage than it is to be sitting at home on the sofa (Netflix & Chill gang). It's the ultimate communication of music and connecting with like-minded souls... it's what I live for - (no backsteps).

What is more challenging for you: performing at massive festivals like Let It Roll with thousands of people, or more intimate, smaller events?

From my perspective, the bigger the crowd, the easier it is definitely as far as managing the energy goes. But a large crowd is just made up of lots of individuals, so the principles are the same for me... it's important to know how to do both effectively, in my opinion.

How did you first get involved with Let It Roll, and what has your journey with the festival been like so far?

My first LIR was in 2012, the one with one big stage that was an airplane. I closed it with my good friends Deadly Viperz (shouts to Akira & Anakin, Legends!). I remember the sun coming up and everybody still going even harder... I literally fell in love that night lol... Hooked :) Ever since then, it's always been a home for me. Having won 1st place 'Best International MC' 9 years in a row at the Czech Drum&Bass Awards (till the category ended in 2020/1), I've always felt welcome here, especially LIR every year. It's definitely a homecoming for me.

What do you think sets Let It Roll apart from other drum and bass festivals worldwide?

The community! For me, 100%. It brings together so many people from across the world to one place for 4 days to share the same passion for music. I personally know people who make the trip all the way from Australia, America, Japan, Canada, and Dubai to touch base with the festival. It's wild and wonderful at the same time.

What does it mean to you to become the official "Voice of Let It Roll"?

It means the world to me to be aligned with the most revered brand in the world for the music and scene that I love, drum and bass. For me, it's the ultimate recognition, and I'm deeply honored to fill that position. LIR is family to me anyway, and I'm excited to add as much of myself to the brand and experience as humanly possible.

Here's a tough one: If you could pick only one track to listen to for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

I have three... but if I'm forced with a tall glass of milk to my head (I'm lactose intolerant), it would be 'Concord Dawn - Morning Light'." Forever & ever!

Thank you Marvin for your time - we can not be more thrilled to announce you as our Voice of Let It Roll!

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