Sat 8 Apr 2023

Get ready for another dose of top-notch labels at Let It Roll 2023!

One of the labels that has always been popular at the festival is Blackout. This label is the brainchild of the famous neurofunk trio Black Sun Empire and is definitely proud of its uncompromising quality, and the tracks that are released here are always guaranteed bangers. Representatives of Blackout are no secret, including State of Mind, Pythius, or Current Value.

Another label that deserves your attention is Critical Music. This label originates from the UK and celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, founded by Kasra himself. Their evening will be full of futuristic and unique sounds that continue to represent the drum & bass underground scene.

If you like dark, deep, and strict music, the neurofunk label Eatbrain, originally from Hungary and founded by a producer known under the pseudonym Jade, will bring it to you. Under his leadership, Eatbrain confidently grew and gave a home to artists such as Teddy Killerz, Fourward, or A-Cray, who is very popular on our soil.

Melodic drum & bass is our cup of tea! This year, the High Tea music label from the Netherlands, whose sound is full of catchy melodies and energetic beats, will be introduced at Let It Roll. This label can boast names such as T & Sugah or Zazu, who are some of the creators of this label. If you want to enjoy great atmosphere and quality music, High Tea music is the right place for you!

The London-based label Hospital Records is a legend in drum & bass and has earned a well-deserved reputation over more than 25 years of existence. This year we can look forward to unique dance melodies, and in addition, we can look forward to names such as Fred V, Grafix, and Lens, who will definitely stir up your emotions. If you are looking for an unforgettable party and great music, Hospital Records is the right place for you!

Among other attractive names coming from the UK, we must not forget about Rough Tempo, which is responsible for one of the most popular drum & bass radios and will introduce us to main DJs such as Kenny Ken or Mampi Swift.

An interesting alternative for fans of melodic and progressive drum & bass will also be the Shogun Audio label, founded by Friction in 2004 and releasing some of the biggest hymns of the whole genre. Their night will be marked by a Monrroe b2b Duskee set accompanied by Emily Mukis, so be sure not to miss it.

Symmetry Recordings, founded by Break in the early 2000s, boasts the release of his debut album "Symmetry," which became a hit and opened the door to the world of drum & bass. Since then, Break has started to take new producers under his wings, such as DLR, whom we will be able to enjoy at Let It Roll.

Another unmissable name that Let It Roll will boast is the label UKF, which started as two YouTube channels - UKF Dubstep and UKF Drum & Bass - and gradually expanded to organizing events, podcasts, and more. At this year's festival, you can look forward to performances by well-known names such as K Motionz, Fox Stevenson, and ShockOne, who will definitely not disappoint you with their energetic and bass-heavy sets.

Also among the top drum & bass scene is Viper Recordings, which embodies an energetic sound. This label can boast an exceptional selection of veterans and hottest newcomers, such as Matrix & Futurebound or Millbrook.

Last but not least, we must mention the label Virus Recordings, which was established in the 90s thanks to Ed Rush & Optical, who are considered the true gods of drum & bass. Virus Recordings specializes in dark and hard neurofunk music that pushes the boundaries of the genre.

Further information about the lineup of individual stage label takeovers will be announced in the coming weeks. For the latest info, follow our social media channels - Facebook fanpage, Let It Roll family group, Instagram, and TikTok.

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